2021-2022 Legislative Priorities


AB 22 Universal TK: Implements Universal Transitional Kindergarten (TK) for all four-year-olds, and allows school districts to collect average daily attendance (ADA) for these students.

AB 1377 Student Housing: Removes administrative barriers for the three higher education segments to provide more housing for students.

AB 777 UC Davis-Sacramento Campus Property: Authorizes the Department of General Services (DGS) to transfer property to UCD for low income student and staff housing.

AB 417 Rising Scholars: Establishes a statewide Rising Scholars Program within the California Community College system to support justice-involved students.

Criminal Justice Reform:

AB 1443 Community Policing: Provides additional community options for trained designees to transport individuals experiencing mental health crises without law enforcement intervention

AB 603 Police Abuse Settlements: Establishes transparency for ALL use-of-force payouts by requiring local municipalities to post on their websites how much money was paid in settlements during the prior year

AB 1191 Firearms Tracing: Requires the DOJ to analyze crime gun data to determine trends and patterns on how guns are sold and trafficked, and requires DOJ to produce tracing reports on which licensed firearm dealers are selling recovered crime guns.

Environmental Protection

AB 504 Green Restaurants: Builds on AB 827, passed in 2019, to ensure theme parks meet state waste diversion goals

AB 970 Car Charging: Will streamline building Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure to achieve our air quality and climate goals


AB 759 County Officer Elections: Changes election cycle of Sheriffs, District Attorneys  and Assessors to run concurrent with Presidential elections

AB 1466 Racial Covenants: Requires racist language be removed from ALL housing documents when the property changes hands, waives fees, and streamlines the redaction process

AB 1542 Yolo Pilot Program: Creates a voluntary Drug Treatment Pilot Program in Yolo County for repeat felons committing drug-related crimes.