Guest commentary: Golden State is not so golden for its at-risk children

Is the Golden State "golden" for kids?

According to a recent study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, California ranks 38th in the nation when it comes to the well-being of its children. Researchers estimate that 23 percent -- almost one of every four -- children in this state are currently living in poverty.

Why do a district attorney and a retired vice admiral care? We care because we understand that the steps we take today to address poverty will have a lasting impact on both public safety and national security in the long run.

Assemblymember McCarty’s Preschool for All Act Passes to Senate Floor

Bill Would Expand Access to All Eligible Kids

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Today, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed Assembly Bill (AB) 47, the Preschool for Act (Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento) on a 5 to 2 vote.  This measure establishes a framework to provide all eligible low income 4-year olds with access to the state preschool program contingent upon funding in the Budget Act.

“Preschool prepares children for the next step, ensuring that children are ready to start school and be successful,” said Assemblymember McCarty.  “AB 47 bill will ensure that we keep the promise made to our preschoolers last year and provide each of our low-income children access to quality preschool.”

Lawmakers fail to entice UC to add more California students

Lawmakers' attempt to entice the University of California to enroll 5,000 more Californians by promising an extra $25 million has failed this year — in-state admissions actually declined — but the state's offer will stand for one more year.

Concerned that the coveted public institution is closing the door to so many Californians this year while admitting record numbers of students from out of state, lawmakers invited UC admissions officials to address a joint hearing of the Assembly's Education Finance and Higher Education committees Wednesday.

Assemblymember McCarty's Preschool for All Act Passes Senate Committee with Bi-Partisan Support

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Today, the Senate Education Committee passed Assembly Bill (AB) 47, the Preschool for Act (Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento) on a bi-partisan vote. This measure requires the state to provide funding for all children who are eligible for the state preschool program, who do not have access to Transitional Kindergarten or Head Start, with the opportunity to enroll in the program.