The right priorities? Reactions to Gov. Newsom's 2022-23 early ed budget

Source: EdSource Staff

"This year’s budget continues to support families with child care costs by allocating millions to add 26,000 more subsidized slots, in addition to the 120,000 slots in last year’s budget deal."

The week, Gov. Gavin Newsom built on last year’s record state budget with a 2022-23 spending plan that tops it.

Within the big numbers are programs, priorities and new commitments that will be shaped by the public’s response and debated through June in the Legislature. EdSource has asked observers, advocates, students and legislators to initiate the discussion with their first take on the governor’s budget for 2022-23.

Scroll down and click on the photos to read what they see as the highlights — and what they feel is missing — in the governor’s plans for investing in early learning and whole-child development. 

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