Conservancy could solve parkway woes - Sacramento Bee

Another year, another plan to fix the American River Parkway. Still, we’re hoping this latest idea might just work.

As the 23-mile urban forest continues to struggle in the wake of devastating budget cuts during the recession, Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, has suggested creating a state conservancy like the one that has so benefited the Los Angeles and San Gabriel rivers.

Preschool must be priority for all California kids

It's a well-worn cliche, but it's true. One of the smartest things anyone can do is invest in the future.

Gov. Jerry Brown, willing to follow that adage on many important issues, has the chance to do it for education by signing Assembly Bill 47. Authored by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, the bill would go a long way toward ensuring every 4-year-old in California can attend preschool.

Guest commentary: Golden State is not so golden for its at-risk children

Is the Golden State "golden" for kids?

According to a recent study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, California ranks 38th in the nation when it comes to the well-being of its children. Researchers estimate that 23 percent -- almost one of every four -- children in this state are currently living in poverty.

Why do a district attorney and a retired vice admiral care? We care because we understand that the steps we take today to address poverty will have a lasting impact on both public safety and national security in the long run.

Lawmakers fail to entice UC to add more California students

Lawmakers' attempt to entice the University of California to enroll 5,000 more Californians by promising an extra $25 million has failed this year — in-state admissions actually declined — but the state's offer will stand for one more year.

Concerned that the coveted public institution is closing the door to so many Californians this year while admitting record numbers of students from out of state, lawmakers invited UC admissions officials to address a joint hearing of the Assembly's Education Finance and Higher Education committees Wednesday.

Another View: Legislature gave UC budget options to achieve

The Sacramento Bee’s editorial, “State, UC disappoint with budget tricks” (June 28), regarding the UC budget seems to scold the Legislature for not simply writing a blank check with no oversight or direction. Context is needed to understand why this budget is the most generous in nearly a decade, while asking UC to reprioritize access for California students.

Let’s start with this: We support UC and UC students. Beginning with a plan proposed last November by Speaker Toni Atkins, the Assembly sought to boost funding for UC over Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed 4 percent increase.

UC Davis, other campuses boost nonresident enrollment

University of California campuses are accepting fewer freshmen from California this fall,making good on a threat to boost revenues with out-of-state tuition if lawmakers did not provide more funding.

UC Davis will have one of the largest increases of nonresident freshmen among the UC campuses – 2,100 more than in 2014 – if all of them show up, according to information released Thursday.UC Davis has sent out 1,999 fewer acceptance letters to Californians than last fall.

Budget committee proposes large funding increase for early ed

The Legislature's Budget Conference Committee voted to use part of the influx of new state funding to increase spending for preschool and child care for low-income families by $392 million next year, an amount that would be added to the $88 million Gov. Jerry Brown included in his May budget revision.

The proposal would increase the number of preschool slots and vouchers for daycare, raise reimbursement rates to preschool operators and daycare providers, include infants and toddler centers in a state quality rating system and increase the family income threshold for eligibility.