A new California state worker union? Legislative staff could organize under new bill

Employees of the California State Legislature would get the right to unionize for the first time under a proposal introduced Monday. The people who work for California state departments, known as rank-and-file civil service employees, received the right 45 years ago to unionize and collectively bargain over their pay, benefits and working conditions. But the 1977 Ralph C. Dills Act didn’t include the roughly 1,900 employees of the Legislature, who are still forbidden from organizing.

Advocates of major changes to Cal Grant look to Newsom

For the second consecutive year, a major overhaul to California’s main financial aid program is being proposed by lawmakers who say the current system is overly complex and excludes too many students from getting aid.

State bill might prevent homeless encampments near rivers

A Sacramento legislator is working to pass a bill to make it easier to clear homeless encampments along rivers and what is known as special parklands.

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) said more homeless housing is, of course, needed, but “certain places are just no-goes.”

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Assemblymember Kevin McCarty reacts to Downtown Sacramento shooting

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, gave his reaction to the horrific events that unfolded Sunday morning, and discussed the gun control bills he’s pushing to make into law.


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Student housing is tight. A California plan wants $5 billion for affordable beds

The University of California housed more students than the system officially had room for last fall. Yet UC leaders, lawmakers and the governor all want to dramatically expand student enrollment.

But that ambition is at odds with a housing crunch crippling the UC and campuses across California.

Students will need somewhere to live and a new legislative plan would throw in $5 billion to help the state’s campuses ramp up their housing stock.

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