2015-2016 Legislative Priorities


AB 1711 Access to the University of CA: Caps the number of nonresident students at the UC and increase access for California students.

AB 2122 Teacher Shortage: Establishes the California Classified School Employee Teacher Credentialing Program to recruit and train classified public school employees to create a career ladder for them to become teachers.

AB 2353 Culturally Responsive Teacher Instruction: Requires the California Department of Education to create a curriculum for culturally responsive instruction for teachers in order to obtain their teaching credential and/or education requirement.

AB 2489 Restorative Justice: Provides California schools the tools necessary to allow the use of restorative justice practices as an alternative to suspension or arrest.

AB 2660 Preschool: Renews the call to ensure that all low income kids have access to quality pre-kindergarten programs.

AB 2726 Tax Credit for College Savings Accounts: Provides California families with a tax incentive to a Scholarshare account to save for future higher education costs and reduce student debt.

Health and Human Services:

AB 1594 Smoke/Vape Free Campuses: Prohibits tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, at all public post-secondary education campuses.

AB 1661 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: Closes loophole to require city or county locally elected officials to take sexual harassment prevention training course.

AB 1737 Child Death Review Team: Requires counties to produce an annual child death review report to increase accountability and transparency to improve protection services for children.

AB 1879 Foster Youth: Improving permanency and adoption outcomes to assist children in achieving a permanent family through reunification, adoption, and legal guardianship.

AB 2007 Concussion Management for Youth Sports: Protects youth sports participants from injury by requiring the same protocols to be observed as those in place for high school athletes.

AB 2015 Child Welfare Services: Strengthen oversight over child welfare services at the county level.

AB 2017 Mental Health for Students: Creates a College Mental Health Services Trust to fund competitive grants for mental health services for college students in the public college system.

AB 2285 Foster Youth: Creates career pathway pilot training program for foster youth who are currently enrolled in school in Sacramento County.


AB 1716 American River Conservancy: Creates a new state conservancy with the goal of enhancing and protecting the natural habitat and water conveyance of the Lower American River.

AB 1738 Dark Greywater: Creates a new definition of greywater to include recycle water form kitchen sinks and dishwashers to increase in home water recycling.

AB 1886 CEQA streamlining for infill projects: Expands on current streamlining opportunities for environmentally friendly infill projects which are close to public transit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Public Safety:

AB 156 Ammunition Sales: This bill would create a regulatory framework to ensure that persons prohibited from purchasing firearms are also unable to purchase firearm ammunition. 

AB 2459 Responsible Gun Transactions: Provide transparency for all gun transactions by enacting requirements which are considered best practices by many cities and gun retailers across California.