The Assembly Acts to Create the Lower American River Conservancy

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – The Assembly today passed Assembly Bill (AB) 1716, which would create the Lower American River Conservancy, on a bi-partisan vote of 55 to 16.

“This bill will finally give the Lower American River the resources necessary to realize the vision of the American River Parkway Plan to improve access to Sacramento’s most popular natural resource and preserve it for future generations.” said Assemblymember McCarty upon passage of the bill.

Sacramento City Councilman Jeff Harris, whose district includes River Park, noted his support for the bill. “I am thrilled the Assembly Appropriations Committee saw the wisdom of this legislation to bring much needed funding to restore the American River Parkway.” said Councilman Harris. “The significant damage from fires, illegal camping and invasive species have been devastating to Sacramento’s crown jewel. I applaud Assemblymember McCarty for his steadfast work on behalf of our community.”

The American River Parkway encompasses 5,000 acres of protected riverfront parks and paths. State conservancies provide a framework for allocating state funds to enhance and protect natural lands and waterways. Since 1996, of the $740 million of state bond and general funds allocated to rivers, $660 million has gone to rivers with state conservancies however, the American River has only received $3 million. By establishing the Lower American River Conservancy, the river will be eligible for additional state resources.

AB 1716 moves to the State Senate for consideration.