Assemblymember McCarty’s Preschool for All Act Approved by Committee

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Yesterday, the Assembly Committee on Education passed AB 47, the Preschool for Act (Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento) on a bi-partisan vote. AB 47 requires the state to include funding to provide all children who are eligible for the state preschool program, and whose parents wish to enroll them, the opportunity to enroll in the program.

"Preschool prepares children for the next step, ensuring that children are ready to start school and be successful," said Assemblymember McCarty. "But in a state as fundamentally important as California, we can't afford not to cover all children, regardless of their economic status. Now is the time to make a wise investment to expand preschool to all eligible low income students."

"Early Edge California is proud to sponsor the Preschool for All Act of 2015. This critical bill will ensure California's leaders make good on their promise to our preschoolers," said Deborah Kong, president of Early Edge California. "It's time to build the gains made last year so that working families have the support they need to participate in California's growing economy, and their young children have access to a preschool program that will help prepare them for success in school and beyond. We look forward to working with the Legislature and Governor Brown toward a future where all children have the opportunity to be healthy, ready for school and on track to reach their full potential."

As part of the 2014-2015 State Budget that the Legislature passed, only children in families who made less than twice the federal poverty level were provided preschool. But that would leave many children not adequately covered. AB 47 expands on last year's commitment from the Governor and Legislature to expand the state preschool program for all low income families who do not have access to one year of state preschool or transitional kindergarten.