Assemblymember McCarty’s Statement on Final Budget Agreement

For immediate release:

Statement from Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D – Sacramento) Chair of Budget Sub- Committee 2 on Education Finance, regarding final budget vote:

“I applaud the final budget accord and concur with our Governor that this agreement is a "sound and well thought out budget.”  Further this package, the best budget in decades, reinvests in California and moves us forward."

Highlights of the final budget:

Rainy Day Fund and Paying Down Debts: Builds total reserves by over $4.6 billion and pays down $1.9 billion in budgetary debts.

Supporting our Schools: Provides $14.3 billion more for the K-14 school system and includes $6 billion to expand the Local Control Funding Formula. Expands adult education, career technical education, and teacher support programs.

Expanding Early Childhood Education: Provides over $300 million in new money for an additional 9,500 preschool and 6,800 childcare slots and improves rates and quality.

Increasing Access to Higher Education: Increases enrollment by 10,400 students at California State University with an investment of $216 million and 5,000 students at the University of California with an investment of $144 million. Provides a $10 million increase to award 3,250 new Competitive Cal Grants Awards.

Fighting Poverty: Establishes a state Earned Income Tax Credit that will benefit over two million Californians and lift approximately 50,000 out of poverty and another 50,000 out of deep poverty.

Expands Healthcare & Human Services: Provides $40 million to expand Medi-Cal to cover all low-income undocumented children regardless of immigration status; $226 million to restore the 7 percent reduction in service hours for In-Home Supportive Services and $15 million for naturalization services.