Assemblymember Kevin McCarty introduces re-entry employment legislation

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) has introduced AB 2670 - CA RISE – a re-entry employment development program that provides comprehensive services for those who were formerly incarcerated and homeless.

AB 2670 would help Employment Social Enterprises (ESEs) develop a system that is designed to help individuals with high employment barriers, obtain jobs and stay employed.

ESEs are businesses that help reduce recidivism and break the cycle of homelessness. These businesses offer employment that provides income, training, and supportive services so individuals can fully participate in the economy. Examples of ESEs are Homeboy Industries, the Center for Employment Opportunities and Conservation Corps North Bay. Nearly 75% of ESE employees are justice impacted and 71% are Black or Latinx.

“This legislation will help connect ESEs with the most vulnerable Californians for quality employment through private and public job opportunities,” said Assemblymember Kevin McCarty. “These individuals are ready and prepared to work, but due to their background, are unable to gain stable employment. It’s time we change that.”

After placement, ESEs would continue to provide support that would assist employees’ transition to their next job. CA RISE will accelerate economic mobility, and improve the lives of participants.


Kevin McCarty represents California’s 7th Assembly District, which include the cities of Sacramento, West Sacramento and unincorporated Sacramento County. McCarty serves as Chair of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance. Website of Assemblymember Kevin McCarty: