Assemblymember Kevin McCarty’s Statement on Governor Newsom’s 2022-23 May Revise

For immediate release:

The Governor’s May Revise outline is promising and gives us a chance to continue making transformational investments in education - from universal early education and afterschool programs, to funding schools at record levels, and expanding college access and affordability. We look forward to fine tuning the budget over the next three weeks.

This once in a lifetime budget outlined by the governor closely mirrors the Assembly’s priorities and we’ll work to iron out any differences we may have.

The bottom line is clear, this unprecedented revenue increase allows us to invest in:

  • Tax refunds to help address inflation, and waive child care fees for low-income families
  • Helping families at the gas pump by pausing the diesel sales tax
  • Fully funding transitional kindergarten and childcare facilities needs for the next two years including teacher hiring and recruitment
  • Expanding universal school meals and day/summer school programs
  • Increasing multi-year funding for UC & CSU schools by 5%
  • Setting a statewide college degree completion goal of 70%
  • Providing a debt-free experience at UC schools by 2030
  • Closing the achievement gap, increasing UC & CSU enrollment, and providing more affordable student housing
  • Housing affordability, including homeless crisis response and tiny home developments
  • Expanding the Homekey program
  • Supporting reproductive health programs

While we appreciate these investments, there are a few items that we look forward to working on including:

  • Crime and gun violence prevention
  • UC/CSU access expansion, and student housing.
  • Child Care Rate Reform and slot expansion
  • Child Care and preschool provider wages and rates
  • ECE professional development
  • In-person restorative justice programming along with expanding access to higher education